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The World Still Has Not Ended, So You Need to Plan Accordingly

By January 7, 2015Estate Planning, Other

Today as I was looking over old blog posts, I came across one that made me chuckle but then got me thinking.  Over my lifetime twice the news outlets declared that the world was going to end, between Y2K and the Mayan calendar debacle, the world should have ended by now.  Fortunately, for all of us it has not ended.  However, some day it will end for me and for you because the one thing we are guaranteed is that we will die someday.  So the question then becomes, “when?”  When will we die is the question that eludes all of us.

My favorite line from the previous blog, “while we may not go down in fire and brimstone, a meteor or any other world-destructive method, we all have a temporary amount of time on this earth and need to prepare accordingly.”  We do not know when are time on earth is going to end; however, one important way we can plan for the inevitable is with an estate plan from MH.  A proper estate plan can provide security and peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Meet with one of our experienced estate planning attorneys before the inevitable happens.  Call MH today to plan accordingly.

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