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Wishing You and Yours the Best of Holidays

By December 24, 2015Holidays

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More than at any other time of year, the holidays bring our friends and families together to share with one another the joys of the season.  Past memories are shared and new ones created.  While we realize conversations might not discuss estate planning, it is at these times that planning ahead becomes clearer.  Our family, friends and the legacies that we leave behind, are the basic reasons most of us have created an estate plan.


Most families don’t get regular opportunities to meet together, especially as the family grows and each of your children now have their own children.  Take this special time together to discuss the future and ensure your legacy is carried on according to your wishes.  And, above all, make sure to express your love, appreciation and hopes for them.  Those are the memories that they will cherish forever.


Happy holidays to you and yours, from the entire Morris Hall family!

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