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Wills Are Public Documents With Private Information – Beware of Scammers!

An article was recently released in the United Kingdom talking about a growing problem of scammers targeting Wills to get vital personal information they can exploit for gain.  Many individuals, in an attempt to help their loved ones, have chosen to provide access information for banking and Paypal accounts, as well as email and social media accounts in their Will.  Perhaps these individuals did not realize that a Will is available to the public after the individual has died and the estate has gone to the probate court.  These documents become public record and anyone is able to access them.


Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people out there who have targeted Wills to get such information and have then proceeded to steal funds and to exploit family members listed within the Will.  While this article was published in the United Kingdom, it occurs here in the United States as well.


While it is important to leave account information for your beneficiaries, make sure it is in a living trust which retains your privacy and cannot be accessed by the public.  This will ensure your funds remain safe and accessible for your beneficiaries while keeping your assets safe from scammers.


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