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Will you live 132 years?

Antisa Khvichava recently passed away, and if her Soviet-era documentation is credible, she lived to the astounding age of 132 (which would make her the oldest person on record).  Unfortunately, due to government upheaval and unrest, her birth certificate was allegedly destroyed, and her claimed birth date of July 8, 1880 is only indicated in later documents.

Khvichava lived in the remote village of Sachino in the nation of Georgia and attributed her long life and health to daily consumption of locally produced spirits.

Ms. Khvichava’s relatives say she was retired for a significant period of time, having left her job picking corn and tea when she was 85 years old in 1965.  Talk about outliving your retirement savings!

While very few people will ever live this type of life span, planning your estate and retirement are important issues for us all.  With advances in medical science, improved healthcare and diet, we should expect to see more people living to these profound ages.  How long would your retirement savings hold out should you have this kind of lifespan?  At a review of your current situation, we can help you assess if your retirement assets will be able to last you as long as you may need.

Incidentally, the oldest verified person was a French woman named Jeanne Calment who lived to the fantastic age of 122 years.  This is far ahead of the current oldest living person, Besse Cooper, of the United States, who is 116 years of age.

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