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Why is an A/B Trust Important?

A married couple can have a Revocable Living Trust with provisions that upon the first spouse to die, the Trust shall be split into an A Trust, commonly referred to as the Survivor’s Trust; and a B Trust, commonly referred to as the Family Trust or Decedent’s Trust. In previous years there were huge federal estate tax advantages in splitting the original trust into two sub-trusts. If you die in 2014, the federal estate tax exemption is just over $5 million per person ($10 million a couple). How many estates do you think are valued over the exemption and are required to pay a tax to Uncle Sam? A very, very, small percentage.

Today there often is a misconception that due to the high federal estate tax exemption, there is not a need for a married couple to have a Revocable Living Trust with the A/B provisions. However, aside from the tax perspective, the A/B provisions allow approximately one-half of the estate to have asset protection for the surviving spouse against creditors, divorce and Medicaid spend-down.

Not all Revocable Living Trusts are written with the A/B trust provisions. If you are married, does your Revocable Living Trust have the asset protection for your surviving spouse after you pass away?

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