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Whitney Houston: Death by Drowning, Drugs Played a Role

It has been over a month since the death of Whitney Houston, one of music's best known divas. During this time there has been great speculation over the cause of her death. Because of her past struggles with drug addiction, many believed her death the cause of an overdose. Also leading to this assumption was the wine glass and several pills that were found at the side of the bathtub where her body was discovered.

Speculation was recently put to rest as the coroner finally announced his findings. While Houston did have a number of factors that contributed to her early death at only 48 years old, the main cause was drowning. Houston, due to decades of drug use, had Atherosclerotic heart disease, which was listed as a contributing factor in her demise. Also, she had a large number of illegal as well as prescription drugs in her system. Among these were cocaine, marijuana, Xanax (usually prescribed for anxiety), Flexeril (muscle relaxant) and Benadryl (an over-the-counter antihistamine). These drugs were also listed as contributing factors.

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