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What We Learned From Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Floods and Tornadoes – BE PREPARED!

By September 28, 2017Uncategorized

The recent natural catastrophes, including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, wildfires, floods and other disasters, cause great concern for peoples’ welfare.  The immediate issue revolves around saving lives, health and security.  It will take months and years, if even that, to recover from some of these tragedies.

One of the serious consequences of these occurrences is often felt almost as immediately, and that is the loss of important legal documents. People create legal documents for estate planning, for the protection and disposition of their precious possessions, and for the care of their persons when they are no longer able.  Timely access to these documents is essential.

Another issue arises as to the protection of items of great sentimental or historical value.

Too often in emergency situations, people discover that their legal documents and the documents of others for whom they now have responsibility,  which documents they thought were just fine, are very inadequate  for the unanticipated situations in which they find themselves. 

Now is an appropriate time to have your legal documents reviewed.   It is also important to arrange now for the safekeeping of these documents.  There are protections, which thousands now wish they had, that will assure that your most important documents will not vanish in the earthquake, or flood, or whirlwind.

We invite you to visit with an attorney at Morris Hall, PLLC to be sure your important legal documents are up to date, and are protected in the event of a catastrophe.

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