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What Does "Permanent" Mean to Congress?

As you probably recall, we were saved at the last minute from going over the much talked about "Fiscal Cliff" when Congress and President Obama came to a compromise.  Several taxes were raised on higher income Americans, including income and capital gains taxes.  Estate taxes appeared to have been somewhat insulated from the move to tax the assets of the wealthy.  While the overall top rate was increased from 35% to 40%, the exemption rate stayed at $5 million, indexed for inflation.  This was touted as a "permanent" estate tax.  Well if you have ever wondered how long permanent is in Washington D.C. terms, apparently it is about 4 months.

On April 11, 2013 Bloomberg published an article about President Obama's proposed budget for 2014.  In this proposed budget, the President has recommended that the estate tax exemption be lowered to $3.5 million with a top tax rate of 45%.  Additionally, he proposed to cap the amounts individuals can accumulate in a retirement account.  The biggest hit is that he is also proposing that inherited retirement accounts be distributed over 5 years rather than over the beneficiaries lifetime.  While these are just proposals it illustrates how critical it is to ensure your estate plan is done properly and is flexible enough to adapt to potential changes.  When planning your estate you cannot plan for the laws and tax rates of today.  If history tells us anything they are anything but permanent.

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