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What Does “Estate Planning” Make You Think Of?

By September 6, 2012Estate Planning

When you hear the words “Estate Planning,” what comes to mind?  Do you visualize a Rolls Royce as it drives away from a stunning, large mansion, rolling along a several-acre-long driveway, passing by private tennis courts, pools, gardens and right out through the private security gates?  In many people’s minds, that is precisely what an “estate” is.  However, “estate” is actually defined as:

-         Property or possessions

-         Interest, ownership, or property in land or other things

These definitions do not imply vast wealth, or, for that matter, any level of wealth whatsoever.  In fact, the actual definition of an estate simply denotes the ownership or possession of something…anything even.

We all have things we own, valuables we posses and often even some substantial items such as a home or retirement plan.  These are all items that comprise our own “estate.”  We may not have a mansion or a Rolls Royce, but we do have items we own and hold dear.  Perhaps even more importantly, we have loved ones that we want to ensure are cared for.  Those are the REAL reasons each of us should create an estate plan, not because we’re wealthy, but because we care for the items we do care, and above all, our loved ones.

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