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Vacuum Salesman Takes Advantage of Elderly Woman, Steals Jewelry

By December 15, 2012Elder Law

Yolanda Gadsby, a door-to-door vacuum salesman is accused of stealing jewelry from the home of an 84 year-old woman.  Her boss, Daniel Bierworth, is accused of trying to assist Gadsby with covering up the theft.

On November 12, Gadsby was invited into the home of an elderly woman as she attempted to sell the woman a vacuum.  Gadsby asked to use the restroom and stole two pieces of jewelry while there.  Gadsby later sold the jewelry at a local pawn shop.  When notified of the theft, Bierworth attempted to buy back the jewelry, but only recovered one piece.  He then returned the recovered ring to the elderly woman and tried to convince her to tell the sheriff’s office that the jewelry had only been misplaced and to drop the investigation.

Days later, both Gadsby and Beirworth were arrested and have both posted bail.  In their statements, Bierworth says very little, but Gadsby admitted to taking the jewelry.  Although she first tried to deny stealing anything, she changed her story the next day.  She said, “I was there and took some jewelry.  I have deep remorse for hurting (the elderly woman) and taking advantage of her.  I have been going through a lot of financial problems.  I had a moment of weakness and it seemed like an easy way out.  I am very sorry and I knew it was wrong.”

Gadsby goes on to claim that her boss tried to help her and should not be held accountable for her crime.  She claims that he didn’t try to coerce the woman, instead stating that the elderly lady had written him a letter saying that she no longer wanted to prosecute.  Gadsby did state that her boss lied to the cops by saying that the elderly woman had simply misplaced the jewelry, and that the woman did not want to lie to investigators by claiming the same.   Gadsby also mentions her two children likely in hopes of getting a lesser punishment for her crime.

Both Gadsby and Bierworth have served jail time in the past.  Bierworth was sentenced to time served, 5 years supervised release and a $61,000 fine after being convicted of federal bank fraud in April 2009.  Gadsby was convicted of grand larceny in 2008 and then for violating her probation the following year.

Far too often the elderly get taken advantage of due to their kind hearts and open nature.  Unfortunately, our world today is not like the world they remember in their younger days – when doors were seldom locked, most individuals you met had moral standards, and you knew your neighbors.  Today, each individual needs to be cautious, especially when it comes to allowing strangers into your home, or making financial decisions.  We have seen a number of our clients taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.  Thankfully, many of the stories we here are of attempted scams that our clients saw through.

If you have elderly loved ones who may be prone to such deception, especially if they are suffering from dementia, watch over their decisions and make certain they are choosing wisely and not allowing others to manipulate or abuse them.  You can make a world of difference simply by staying informed on the events in your loved one’s life and giving them guidance and direction as needed.

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