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My parents recently took a trip to a foreign country.  Although I was happy for them and a bit jealous of their exciting trip, nervousness also crept in.  You see, they were visiting a country that has been going through a bit if turmoil.  In reading the paper before their departure, I could not help but wonder and if they would be alright.  My parents do take all of the safety precautions. However, in the world today, there are too many unfortunate incidents that no one plans for.

Before they left on their trip, they gathered up all of the family.  Usually family gatherings have more of a festive tone.  However, this one took on a more serious nature.   My parent’s intent was to tell us about the plans that they have made.  Not the travel plans or where they would be staying, but rather their plans if anything were to happen to them.  As we all shifted in our seats, we listened to where we could find their estate plan, what was covered in it, what their intentions are, and who to contact to carry it out.  This was not a light hearted conversation but a necessary one.

No one wants to think of their death and especially not of those who are close to them.  However, it made us all feel a bit more comfortable knowing that they had  a plan, that there would be no guess work on our part, and that we would not have to worry about where their assets would end up.

My parents had a great trip, coming back with lots of great stories about the country and the culture.  Was their conversation with us all for not?  I don’t believe so as it gave us all piece of mind about the future.  Anyone who has an estate plan should take the time to share it with those that are involved in it; their family, beneficiaries and/or trustees.  This gives those individuals the opportunity to understand their role in the plan before it is time to fulfill it.

Take the time to plan ahead, whether you have a trip planned or just want peace of mind knowing that your affairs are in order.

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