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Trust is an Amazing Thing

By September 29, 2013Estate Planning

A few weeks ago my car began having problems. And let me tell you, I absolutely hate it when my car has problems. I mean, I’m sure most people are not happy to see their “Check Engine” light come on either, but there are very few things that I hate spending money on more than car repairs. But I know that repairs are to be expected and I know that my car cannot possibly run forever without proper maintenance along the way.

So once it started having problems I took it to my mechanic. I dropped it off at the shop and hoped for the best. Mechanics are usually pretty good about calling you to give you a heads up on what’s going on, what they’re going to do to fix it, and of course what the bottom line should be. For some reason, my mind seems to gloss over everything the mechanic says until he reaches the part where dollar signs are part of the sentence. And sure enough, I didn’t like that part of the conversation when he called but I trusted him and gave him the green light to proceed with the repairs.

As I look back on that conversation, even if my mechanic had brought me into his office and given me a six hour PowerPoint presentation on everything he is going to do to fix my car that still wouldn’t have made handing over my credit card any easier. And why is that? Shouldn’t the more information we receive help us to feel better about spending our hard-earned money?

I pose to you that the answer is no; information does not always equate to dollars. When I hand my keys to the mechanic, I want him to fix my car so I can drive it again and hopefully not have to come back for awhile. I don’t need to know the ins and outs of the parts he is using and how they all fit together. The same logic applies with my dentist. I trust him to fill my cavity when it needs to be filled, and I don’t need him to show me and explain every tool he will use during the process. I just want it done right.

This logic can be applied in all aspects of our lives because of one word: trust. I trust my mechanic, my dentist, my doctor, my pastor, etc. You get the idea. Now, I am certainly not saying that we should never ask questions to make sure we’re getting our money’s worth on anything that we buy or any advice we receive, but there is a reason most specialists specialize – they learn a particular skill that gives them value and they in turn use that value to benefit others.

If you allow me to create an estate plan for you or your family, I will not give you a six hour lecture on every nook and cranny within the trust. That is for me to know and to be applied when necessary. But I hope that I can gain your trust and you will know that even though you don’t understand all the legalese that goes into a trust, that it will be the best possible scenario for you and your family.

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