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Traveling – Plan for Your Destination!

Summer time is synonymous with bark yard BBQ’s, pool time, ice cream, fireworks and vacations.  Every couple of years our family takes a road trip.  We plan in advance of where we want to go, the routes we will take and the activities along the way.  Although we are adventuresome, it would be unusual for us to steer off of our pre-planned path.

But many people do and prefer to take a different road that leads them to their destination.  Perhaps this will take them to a new town, favorite restaurant or meet new people. While this off the beaten path attitude is great for a road trip, it is not the best advice when preparing for your Health Care documents.

It is not a matter of if, but when.  Unfortunately I don’t have a calendar that will tell me when something might occur where I could not speak for myself or make any decisions.  At this time, pre-planning is imperative.   Having things in place before I get to that point allows me to make the choices that best suit the road that I want to take.

I have met a number of individuals who think that such documents do not apply to them – they are too young, their family knows what they want or that it is just too hard to think about.  Life can include hard choices and unpleasant decisions, but pre-planning those allows my family to not bear that burden or feel uncertain of what my wishes truly are.

Leave a road map for your loved ones, pre-plan the route for them and have the documents created.  Call Morris Hall before you take to the road.  This small task gives everyone a clear picture of what your destination includes.

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