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Tragic loss at All Ages

By September 27, 2016Celebrity Estates, E-Alert

This weekend demonstrates that Death treats us all equally.  Death does not care if you are rich or you are poor.  Death reaches out and takes you when it feels it is your time.  As a sports fan, I was impacted by last weekend’s loss of Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez.

At 87 years young, Arnold Palmer, one of golf’s legendary figures, passed Sunday evening waiting for cardiac surgery.  Though he was approaching his 9th decade, his passing was still a shock.  He was the epitome of sportsmanship, and can always be seen at the golf course.  Greatness could not save Arnie.

Contrast that with the loss of Jose Fernandez at the age of 24.  Forgive me, but a 24 year old shouldn’t die.  It is not right.  But Death cares not.  Age is not a hurdle that Death has to clear.  The news shocked his home country of Cuba – he was more than a ball player, he embodied freedom.

With Arnie, we can celebrate a life lived.  We can celebrate the accomplishments and accolades.  We can revel in all that he gave to golf and the rest of us.

With Jose, it is pure loss.  It is the loss of opportunity.  The loss of his joy.  The loss of his future.  And our loss to be able to watch his accomplishments amass.

We have always said everyone needs an estate plan – what that plan entails varies with age, wealth and goals.  And this weekend’s sports losses is a striking example as why this is so.

Make sure you have a plan, and that it has been reviewed to ensure it does what you need it to.  See one of our estate planning attorneys today.

west-hunsakerContributed by Morris Hall, PLLC Carefree and Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney and Partner, West Hunsaker.

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