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Tragedy at the Boston Marathon

By April 17, 2013Other
Honoring those harmed or killed at the Boston Marathon

Honoring those harmed or killed at the Boston Marathon

Yet again our nation faces a tragedy.  Yet again we see the consequences of heartless and cruel actions.  Yet again lives have been lost or forever changed due to someone’s reckless disregard for the sanctity of life.

There is no logical explanation for such tragedy.  There is no excuse for such brutality.  There is no reason for such loss and unnecessary suffering.

Our hearts, our prayers, our blessings and our deepest and most sincere sorrow goes out to those who have lost loved ones, have been injured or who have been harmed or affected by this tragedy in any way.

We hope that in the midst of great affliction, our nation and its people will do what we do best: unite in strength, hope and purpose.  We are inspired by those that ran not away from the danger, but directly into it.  These individuals put their own lives at risk to selflessly help the injured.  Police, medics and citizens alike can be seen rushing to the aid of their fellow man.  They did not wait to make certain there were no more bombs. They did not wait to ensure they would endure no harm.  They did not ask for compensation or reward.  They simply and immediately sprang forward to help.

Even in the midst of great tragedy, we see the overwhelming selflessness and love that are the backbone of our nation.  We see brave souls rise up from the chaos and sorrow.

We see heroes.

We are grateful for America and her citizens that proved, once more, that we will stand together even when tragedy tries to strike us down.  We are grateful for examples that teach us to be better and to unite in preserving the freedoms of this country.  We are grateful for their light in times of darkness.

Thank you to the heroes of the Boston Marathon!

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