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To Plan or Not to Plan - That is the Question

By March 13, 2012Estate Planning

The only predictable thing about life is that it is unpredictable! The exciting thing about waking up each day is that you really don't know what is in store for you. You may have some clues, some educated guesses based on your experiences, but the truth is there no way to actually know what you will face.

Unfortunately, life's surprises are not always good. My one-and-a-half year old son woke up one Friday morning and could not put any weight on his right leg. So instead of spending a day playing with his mom, exploring the neighborhood and simply being a toddler, the three of us spent the day in the emergency room. Unpredictable. But since we had planned for this contingency, this traumatic experience was at least mitigated, to some degree.

In our case, we have medical insurance that covers our son. We save a few extra dollars each pay period so we can pay unforeseen bills. We know how to get in touch with each other so we stay informed and supportive. The bottom line is: We have a plan!

The point of my little story is that we just don't know when we will be faced with a "crisis." And the better we have planned ahead of time, the easier it will be to get through that crisis. If we had omitted any one of the pieces in our plan, our focus would have been diverted from what it should be: Taking care of our son.

In estate planning, the term "crisis" can be defined as death, disability, asset protection, family feuds, or even taxes!

You may ask, "If life is unpredictable, how can you plan?" And that is great question! The answer is through our experience in planning for all contingencies. Just as you presume that there will be traffic in the morning based on your experience commuting, our experience as estate planning attorneys will help you achieve the protections and peace of mind to mitigate or avert your "crisis."

So, when do you plan? As soon as possible! Planning after a crisis is not planning at all. The sooner you can plan, the more flexibility you will have to achieve your individual goals.

Who do you plan with? The experts! To be able to put the best plan in place, one that takes advantages of all of the laws and privileges of living here, you need to get the advice and counsel of trained attorneys who focus their professional lives on helping people like you. It is impossible to know what you don't know, and that is where we come in - we help fill in that void to create a plan that can help you regardless of what life throws your way.

Please give us a call to set your appointment, so we can put a plan in place for you!


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