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This Week's Project: Meal Planning!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed throughout the week? Feel like there's just not enough time to work, run errands and cook dinners? Do you rush around each night trying to decide what is for dinner, running to the grocery store for last-minute ingredients? If so, then planning ahead is just the ticket to save you time, money and reduce your stress!

Take some time at the beginning of the week to plan your evening meals, making sure to print out recipes and make a grocery list that incorporates the items you'll need for the full week's meals. This simple task of planning ahead can avoid last minute stress and frustration in the evenings and help you to better designate your limited time.

Also, by creating a full-week's grocery list, you can complete all of your grocery shopping in one trip, which not only saves you significant time but will also prevent over-spending. By planning your meals in advance, you can take into account what ingredients you have that need to be used to also prevent food spoilage.

As an added bonus, home cooked meals generally have a higher nutritional content, lower fat and sodium than pre-prepared meals, all while costing less! Slim down your waistline while you fatten your wallet!

Lessen the weekly and evening stress and enjoy some family time with a home cooked meal! It pays to plan ahead!

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