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This Week's Project: Light in Times of Darkness

It may seem like basic planning, but most households overlook the importance of having sources of light during a power outage. Power outages are a common occurrence and can last for minutes, hours or even days. You fully realize the value of light once you are immersed in darkness.

Keep flashlights in various areas throughout your home. Make certain they are easily accessible and are stored in a dry, cool location. At the least, every home should have a flashlight by the bedside, in the kitchen and in the garage. It is also wise to keep one in your car in case of emergency.

Check your flashlights every two or three months, replacing with new batteries as needed. Keep a set of replacement batteries in the same drawer or location as each of your flashlights - batteries will diminish over time and it is important to have back-ups close at hand.

Candles are a good long-term source of light during a blackout in your home. While flashlights generally are hand-held, candles can produce light while allowing you two free hands. While flashlights are your primary resource for light in times of need, candles are good as a secondary source, especially when the power is off for extended periods of time. Keep a supply of matches or lighters either with your supply of candles, or in an easy to access location. Candles can be kept as décor around the house, or in a drawer or cupboard. If you are concerned about the open flames with candles, there are many candles and lanterns that also run on batteries.

Prepare for a future power outage by ensuring you will have light in times of darkness.

Another step completed in our path to preparedness!

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