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This Week: Four Steps to Protecting Your Estate

Protecting your loved ones and your assets is a fundamental step in planning your future, and is the foundation for all we do at MH. As this week's "planning ahead" blog posting we are going to break down the four basic steps to securing your future with an MH Estate Plan.

  Step 1: Use the best blueprints and build on a solid foundation



An MH living trust provides the blueprints for your legacy, plus the reliable foundation of MH's forty years of estate planning. Such services include: Revocable living trust, pour-over will, durable power of attorney, living will/health care directive, asset and divorce protection and funding the trust.



Step 2: Ensure you have sufficient funds to complete the project



Make the most of your funds to ensure they last throughout your life.

- Invest some assets for liquidity

- Avoid estate shrinkage

- Gain appreciation from assets

- Make assets effective and efficient

- Protect your business and your personal assets

- Use stocks and bonds efficient

We can also help guide you through using additional options to pay for your needs, such as Medicaid, ALTCS, VA benefits and long-term care insurance.

We provide a free financial focus which will determine whether you are getting the most from your assets and if your funds will be sufficient to support you throughout your life.


Step 3: Don't forget the finishing touches


Although your estate may look complete, think again! It's the finishing touches that really make the difference. You may benefit from advanced estate planning, business planning, financial planning or multi-generational planning.


Step 4: Reach out to the next generation 



Extend your reach and leave a legacy to those you love. Use charitable giving methods to ensure that your legacy goes to your loved ones as well as your favorite charity. There are a number of options you can use to leave money to charities and our attorneys could help you pick the best fit for you.


There you have it! The basic steps to get you moving in the right direction for your future.

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