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The Glory of Independence: God Bless America!

By July 4, 2013Holidays

235 years ago our great nation struck forth to declare independence from the rule of Great Britain, establishing a country based upon the equality of man, to be governed by the voice of the people.  The Declaration of Independence, written primarily by Thomas Jefferson, was accepted by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.  Every day that we enjoy the freedoms of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” is another tribute to the legacy of our founding fathers and those who fought to free our country from tyranny.

Today, men and women continue to fight to ensure that our rights and freedoms are protected.  These individuals say farewell to family, friends and their own pursuits to serve and preserve our country.  Many of these great men and women have given their lives to protect this land and all it stands for.  We give heartfelt gratitude to those who have served and those who serve today.  For those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom, our hearts are with you and your loved ones, and our gratitude is forever yours.

May we strive to live better each day, improving our nation by being more thoughtful to those around us, more giving to those in need, more understanding, more caring and more loving.  May we live in such a way that our very lives proclaim our gratitude for the land in which we live and the freedoms we enjoy.  Let us uphold the beliefs and the dreams that this country was built upon: that all men are created equal, with unalienable rights which our government is instituted to uphold and safeguard.

At this Independence Day and every day, may we proudly stand for freedom and justice, proclaiming: “God bless America!”

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