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Thank You to Our Veterans!

By November 11, 2012Holidays

We wanted to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to all those who are now serving or have previously served our country.  We thank you for protecting our freedoms and ensuring peace in our land.  We thank you for selflessly giving up your time, your needs, your wants and your luxuries to serve.  And we thank you for making America the wonderful nation she is!

Let us all take a moment to remember and honor those who have served our nation.  Today is the perfect day to visit memorials, the graves of those who have served and since passed on, and to write a letter or send a care package to those currently serving. Share the stories of those who courageously protected our county.  After a divisive election, our country needs to be reunited, and now is the perfect time to do so - in honor of those who serve our country!  Let us remember that we are one nation united together!

God bless America and God bless our troops! 


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