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"In June, I and my family were going through intense emotional stress because of the very serious illness of my husband. I was distraught, not knowing which way to turn or where to look for advice. Then, like magic, an email appeared in my inbox from Heather, saying that Jim Plitz would be in Las Cruces the next day! When I saw Jim in his office here in town, I was overcome with relief. He calmly reassured me that the trust documents he had drawn up for us just the previous Fall would cover all my concerns and was kind enough to let me talk for a while, just to make me feel better. I requested information regarding another matter and he supplied it readily, asking Heather to forward me the necessary phone number. When I got home I thought that I'd just had a miracle done for me and I sent Jim and Heather a note, naming them Angel and Assistant Angel. Having an attorney with excellent legal knowledge is important, but having an attorney with a kind heart makes a perfect package."

"Thank you, Dan and Theron, for your thorough guidance. Oh, we would to have had your superb help earlier on our Social Security decisions, now irrevocable. Thanks for the seminar and having that phenomenal financial presenter!! Your Trust Company is the BEST!! Our gratitude knows no bounds."

"Tim hall has been the savior of our trust. I could not have made it without his help when my husband died. He was there for me after my accident. Everyone should have a friend like him."
-Margaret B.

"THANKS ENORMOUSLY, JIM! I am VERY relieved to have this much progress. I don’t handle this sort of official not-so-trivial administrivia all that well, typically. You’ve made it relatively painless. And your timely responses have been a super surprise, given other experiences with other lawyers in a variety of situations. You are in danger of raising my estimation of SOME lawyers in my eyes. LOL.

It was a pleasure to work with you–all the phone calls and email exchanges have been just the sort I’d like to have. Most welcome. You were personable, gracious, informed, understanding, perceptive, discerning, KIND, pleasant, forthright, candid, professional, practical, wise–wiser than your years, I’d say; thoughtful and just plain exceedingly helpful in all the ways I’d have asked for had I known what to ask for. You have left me feeling negligible trepidation about going forward to set up my own late life trust. That’s a huge relief. Of course, I couldn’t think of doing it through/with anyone else but you, even though I have the prepaid legal service. I particularly appreciated your very down-to-earth layman’s language in practical yet very professional terms. I didn’t ever hang up the phone and have to wonder if there were double meanings or hidden aspects of what you’d laid out for me regarding the trust, the legalities, the critical and necessary factors etc.

Dad’s death left a huge hole in my life with lots of challenging decisions. However, from the beginning, you were a bright light of hope, peace, calm and functional effectiveness that I could lean very comfortably on in navigating the mine field evidently unavoidably left after such a death.

Thanks more than I can express. God’s best to you and yours."

-Da B Xin

"I want to sincerely thank you for your generous legal services provided in completing the trust. It was a lengthy process and I am very thankful everything is finally completed. Thank you again for your help in getting all the legal work finalized. With great appreciation and thanks."

– Gladys Sepp

"As a retired investment and financial planning executive, (ex RIA, CFP) , I learned enough to go to trusted experts with in depth and current knowledge in problem areas.
Part of my duties included succession planning for other financial planning professionals. A recurring problem was the spouse who was unable to cope alone.
The expert I chose was MH to prevent my wife from being alone with estate problems, when she’s alone.
Good choice, MH."
– T & M S – Scottsdale, AZ

"You & your team have certainly gone over & above the call of duty in serving us, particularly with the troubles with the bank. We so VERY much appreciate the thorough & very professional manner in which you & your firm have served us. We left yesterday’s meeting with a great sense of relief knowing that our wishes upon our demise will be fulfilled.
– W & L S – Arizona AZ

"MH was recommended to us by our tax accountant 8 years ago. After our first meeting we came away very comfortable knowing that they had our family’s needs aligned with the current tax laws. But for us, it was not all about their tax expertise; it was learning the different options we could use in setting up our trust and structuring our distributions. They are attentive listeners and MH’s professional culture is clearly evident throughout the firm. We’ve had a few plan tune-ups since our first meeting and we continue to be very satisfied with their services."

– Steve and Kate Veltri

"Thank you for sending the POA Financial for my dad’s care. I appreciate your speedy reply, and how kindly you are taking care of both of us at this time. It is comforting to know that by mom and dad choosing MH they are getting professional, intelligent, and caring individuals that know them, and want what is best for their care and their estate!"

-Joyce Wood

"Dear Mr. Plitz, Monica and I wish to express our appreciation for your excellent response to our many queries throughout the productive session in your office. Thanks also for your kind note received. Additionally, your positive and pleasant manner are large benefits when dealing with you."

-Monica and Jim Bowman

"My Dad has lived in Arizona for the past 14 years and had set up his Living Trust with MH years ago. He is now living in an assisted living home and recently requested that I take over as the Trustee of his living trust. With me living in upstate New York and Dad in Arizona, I thought this process would be long and difficult. As it turns out, with a few emails and a phone call the Trust was revised, the portion requiring my signature was emailed and in no time I had the revised Trust in my hands. With Tim and his top notch staff they made the process so easy for me. If you need any help with estate planning, don’t hesitate to contact MH. They know what they are doing and will get the job done."

- Long distance revision to a Living Trust with the help of MH

"Not long ago my mother was diagnosed with dementia. I was at a total loss as to what avenues to take for her care and medical assistance. I came across Morris Hall as a possible link for elder care planning. Not really knowing where to turn, I called this firm and was immediately given references and care for my mom. The professionals at Morris Hall provided me with all the guidance, instruction, care and support throughout mom’s ordeal. Even at mom’s passing the law firm was very supportive and provided comfort.
I would not hesitate to recommend Morris Hall for all elder care planning for any future needs."
-Steve Cataldi

"As newlyweds and business owners, my wife and I were looking to put our assets in trust but didn't know which firm to use. One of our family members gave us the name of their trust attorney in Utah, but he’s not licensed in Arizona. This attorney made some phone calls and recommended two (2) firms in the Phoenix area. Being from Flagstaff, we schedule both meetings on the same day.
After meeting with the first firm, we were very discouraged as some of the comments made by the attorney had my wife in tears. This attorney seemed more interested in all the designations after his name than listening to us and our needs. In the hour we were there, we only spoke maybe 15 minutes; we just did a lot of listening to him bragging about himself.
Being discouraged, we were a little hesitant about our 2nd meeting which was with Dan Morris at MH. While sitting in the lobby I noticed three (3) books authored/coauthored by Dan Morris on the subject of Estate Planning. This impressed us more than any designation after one’s name. We met with Dan and he was extremely polite, a true gentleman, and he did a lot of listening which made us feel comfortable with the whole process. He thoroughly explained our options and the entire process. After an hour or so, he said he could leave the room so we could discuss privately how we wished to proceed. Without hesitation, my wife and I both said you don’t need to leave the room, we’ve already made up our mind and hired his firm right on the spot. When we hired them, they made it clear we were hiring the whole firm, which is nice to have all the support staff at your fingertips. We worked very closely with Jim Plitz during this process and he was extremely thorough, efficient and professional.
Being so impressed with the staff at MH and all their abilities, we are now using MH Financial for all of our financial planning, corporate structures, liability protection etc. We are also looking to employ MH Accounting to handle all of our tax returns. This is a big decision for us since the company I bought has been using the same CPA firm for 37 years. But having everything (Estate Planning, Financial Planning, CPA) under one roof (they are in different buildings) with a firm we trust makes both my wife and I sleep better knowing we have the MH organization looking after us.
If you are reading this and considering Estate Planning, waste no more time and look no further than MH, you have found the best!"
– Michael & Michele – Flagstaff, AZ

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If you have a testimonial you would like to share publicly, please fill out the form below.  We would greatly appreciate you sharing the experience you had with Morris Hall PLLC.  For Your testimonial, we will send you a FREE hard copy book titled Common Questions About Estate Planning  a $15 value!

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