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By January 10, 2014Estate Planning, Other

There are there main positions within a Revocable Living Trust – Trustor, Trustee and Beneficiary. The Trustor is the person that created the Trust; the Trustee is the person that will manage the assets titled to the Trust; and the Beneficiary is the person that benefits from the assets titled to the Trust. Typically, in a Revocable Living Trust, the Trustor is also the Trustee and Beneficiary while they are alive and have capacity.

In the Trust, the Trustor nominates a ‘Successor Trustee’ to be able to step in and act as Trustee if the Initial Trustee (typically the Trustor) is unable to do so due to incapacity or death. The decision of nominating a Successor Trustee is one of the most important decisions you will to   make when creating/amending a Trust.

I explain to my clients that when you select a Successor Trustee, you are putting this person on the ‘back burner’ of a stove. This person is waiting to step in and help you manage your trust assets should you be unable to do so because of incapacity or death. While you are alive, but lack capacity, the Successor Trustee will spring into action and handle all of your financial decisions, such as, paying bills and making sure your assets are productive. Upon death your Successor Trustee will administer your trust according the terms of your trust, such as paying debts/expenses and distributing your estate to your beneficiaries.

The decision of who to nominate as a Successor Trustee shouldn’t be taken lightly, but rather with great care because this person will eventually have the authority over all of your trust assets just like you have. It’s critical that you trust the individual selected, hence, trustee!

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