Knowing Who To Contact After A Loved Ones Death, Can Be Useful

morris-hall-Who-To-Contact-After-A-Loved-Ones-DeathDeath is one of life’s unfortunate realities. When a loved one dies, your family grieves while potential creditors and beneficiaries line up to make their claims. Naturally, the first thing many people do is call a lawyer to ask questions about the death administration process. Unfortunately, an inexperienced attorney may give you advice that is focused upon moving the process along too quickly. When it comes to protecting your family’s estate, it is essential to complete the estate administration process orderly and efficiently.

If you have lost a loved one, make your first call the right one. Call the attorneys at Morris Hall PLLC For more than four decades, MH has been the estate planningelder law and estate administration law firm thousands of people throughout the southwestern United States have turned to when their family’s estate is on the line.

It Is Never Too Late to Protect Your Estate

Many people die without a trust or will. It is also not uncommon for a trust or will to be outdated or invalid. Before you do anything relating to administration of the estate, let an Morris Hall attorney review the trust or will to determine how to avoid disputes and litigation. Preventing disputes is often the best way to protect family assets. In the event the estate holder did not adequately protect personal assets from creditor claims and judgments, it may not be too late to make important changes in the assets to achieve valuable protection. Even with potential creditor claims, MH can help you establish a trust that protects assets for surviving family members.

Handling All of Your Estate Administration Needs

Morris Hall has the knowledge and experience to address issues that you will face upon the death of a loved one, including:

  • Probate
  • Trust administration
  • Asset inventory and valuation
  • Re-titling and transferring assets to protect beneficiaries
  • Post-death estate planning, including disclaimers
  • Preparation of estate tax returns, if necessary
  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Transitioning businesses to succeeding generations
  • Handling all concerns relating to life insurance, annuities and pensions

Gathering records, inventorying assets and filing administration documents can be complex and frustrating. The worst part is that the details and requirements come at a time when a family is focused upon its loss. Morris Hall has years of experience handling every component of the administration process. We will advise you about all the important actions you need to take. Perhaps more importantly, we will advise you of all the actions you should not take.

Now Is Not the Time to Let Your Financial Advisor Move Assets

Many people call their financial advisor to decide what to do with the assets remaining in a decedent’s estate. Soon after death is NOT the time to begin moving assets around. Asset preservation is best handled as part of a comprehensive estate plan, even after the death of an estate holder. Your Morris Hall probate and trust administration attorney has access to MH licensed financial planners and MH certified public accountants. We will make sure that your family achieves a complete estate preservation plan that meets your family’s needs for generations.

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