Family Disputes Following the Death of a Loved One

morris-hall-family-disputesThe death of a loved one can bring out the best, or the worst, in families. Disputes about money, property and the best way to carry out the intentions of the deceased frequently arise. Most of these disputes do not involve greed, but misunderstandings; it is important that people clearly lay out their intentions to avoid family disputes.

At Morris Hall, PLLC, our goal as estate planning and probate attorneys is to help you avoid family disputes through the use of a properly created trust. If a dispute cannot be avoided, our lawyers will help you handle it as efficiently as possible.

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Handling Family Disputes

It may be surprising to learn how many creditors and other entities will claim assets of a decedent’s estate. The less you say to banks, creditors and other financial institutions right after a loved one’s death, the better you will be protected. As you are represented by a Morris Hall attorney, you and your family can be assured that the entire process is being handled correctly, and your family’s estate is protected.

Until you have had competent legal, financial and accounting advice, it is best not to disclose details about a loved one’s death or information about the assets. Everything you say about disbursement of assets creates a potential dispute or litigation from people who claim to have an interest. Protect yourself by getting good advice and guidance throughout the entire administration process.

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