When a family member dies, make your first call the right one. At Morris Hall, PLLC, we are recognized as one of the southwestern United States’ pre-eminent law firms in all areas of probate law, estate planning and elder law. For more than 45 years, our practice has focused on helping families protect themselves following the death of an estate holder.

What to Do After the Death of a Family Member

Understanding the steps to take after a loved one’s death can make a significant difference in how the deceased’s estate will be handled by the courts, creditors and even family members. The following pages provide useful information for your family:

A key goal for any family is avoiding the cost, delay, publicity and court involvement of a probate proceeding. Whether your family will need to go through the probate process will depend not only upon the deceased person’s estate plan, but how the plan is implemented.

The creation and maintenance of a proper trust will help families avoid the expense, publicity and time-consuming process of probate. However, all assets of the decedent must be transferred to the trust prior to death. Even if you have a trust, if assets are not properly titled in the trust, your family may need to go through the probate process.

It makes sense to get the help of experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Morris Hall probate law attorneys are ready to help you focus on what is important. You concentrate on your family. Our lawyers will concentrate on avoiding probate if possible, or handling the probate if necessary.

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