Irrevocable Trusts in Arizona and New Mexico

Effective Estate Planning in the Southwestern United States

irrevocable-trustsAn irrevocable trust can be an important part of building an effective estate plan. Regardless of the total value of all your assets, it is important to protect your estate from taxation and other death expenses and delays. If you establish an irrevocable trust, it is important to work with an experienced estate planning attorney who can guide you through the process.

At Morris Hall, PLLC, we work to ensure that clients employ the right estate planning tools to protect themselves and their families. We will clearly explain your options — in plain English — and carefully address a wide range of your individual needs and concerns. Minimizing estate tax, providing protection against creditors, guarding against the total dissipation of your estate to provide for long-term care expenses and eliminating the potential for conflict are always primary goals.

Establishing an Irrevocable Trust in Arizona and New Mexico

Irrevocable trusts are estate planning devices created to protect estates and limit taxes, and can be funded with different types of property, including cash, life insurance, business assets, investment assets and real estate.

Irrevocable trusts have many benefits. They enable a person to provide for loved ones, protect valuable assets from taxation and avoid lengthy probate upon passing. Irrevocable trusts are also helpful for parents who wish to protect dependents or disabled adult children. They are especially beneficial in protecting assets from creditors.

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