We are witnessing a growing number of life insurance problems and complications arising from today’s financial instability. These problems exist especially in policies that are supposed to be “paid up”, have no changes in premiums or policies which are intended to be there whenever you pass away (regardless of your age upon your death). If your policy is more than seven years old, it is important that you call our office to schedule an appointment for a financial review. At this review we will analyze your policy and provide you insight to what is currently happening within your policy, and what you can expect from it in the future.

It is important to be aware of how your policy is performing, especially if it is not working correctly and providing you the important benefits you need from it. We recently had a client come in for this financial review and we were able to fix her policy and get her more guarantees. Before she came to MH Financial, her policy provided her $2,000,000 of non-guaranteed death benefit. Upon our review and some changes, we were able to increase this amount – without increasing her payment – to $3,000,000 of guaranteed death benefit. Imagine the dramatic increase of assistance and comfort this will provide to her and her loved ones.

Do not neglect how important your life insurance policy is within your financial plan.

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