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Legacy PlanningLegacy planning is similar to estate planning, but allows a person to leave more than just money behind to beneficiaries. Legacy planning lets a person preserve family traditions, share values and lessons, and have a larger impact on the next generation. Because a “legacy” means something different to everyone, it is important to preserve your unique wishes with the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

For more than 45 years, the lawyers at Morris Hall, PLLC, have worked to provide the highest quality estate planning services for individuals and families in Arizona and New Mexico. We are recognized as the law firm people rely upon to protect the wealth, knowledge and family traditions they spent a lifetime building and creating.

Consider Legacy Planning for You and Your Loved Ones

Legacy planning will provide practical instructions about many issues that will impact your loved ones after you die, including pet care, household maintenance, the passing on of family traditions and values, and guidance to future generations. Legacy planning can also prevent family disputes, allowing you to leave a legacy of memories, not problems.

To create a legacy, we use a variety of tools, including revocable and irrevocable trusts, charitable remainder trusts and other tools that will preserve a framework for what will happen in the future. It is easy to edit or revise a properly created legacy plan at any time. As life circumstances and wishes change, we can make sure that your legacy plan changes with them.

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