Future Benefits Management in Arizona and New Mexico

Future Benefits ManagementWhile estate planning through wills, trusts and other tools is often about planning for actions to be taken in the future, there are actions you can take today to maximize future benefits for your beneficiaries. Whether you have already drafted an estate plan or you are just beginning the process, it is important to know what you can do to get the most from your assets by future benefits management.

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Maximize Future Benefits Management With Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

Specific actions can be taken now to freeze the value of appreciating assets at today’s rates to greatly reduce taxes in the future. Related strategies can be put in place to create discounted values for current and future taxation purposes.

Some of these options may not be available forever. It is in your best interests to speak with an experienced Arizona or New Mexico estate planning attorney to protect your rights and your family’s future.

Changes to Estate Planning Tools

If you already have a living trust or other estate planning tool that was drafted prior to 2009, it may need to be amended to include provisions to conform with changes in the law, including IRA/401(k) distributions, asset protection and divorce protection for your children, protection against spend-down for long-term care and protection of your privacy. We offer strategies and solutions that can protect your family from the consequences of expected and unexpected events.

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