Preserving All of Your Digital Assets Through Estate Planning

protecting-digital-assetsEstate planning has generally been concerned with physical assets such as homes, vehicles, retirement accounts, business assets and other assets that could be passed onto beneficiaries with protection from taxes. Given the increasing popularity and use of the Internet and other digital tools, an emerging area in estate planning is the protection of digital assets, including online banking and financial account information.

The law firm of Morris Hall, PLLC, offers the knowledge, skill and professional resources to help you in Protecting Digital Assets in Arizona and New Mexico.  If you have assets you need to protect, it makes sense to work with attorneys who can build a comprehensive plan, which includes investment planning, tax accounting and long-term care planning.

Protecting Your Digital Assets

Many people conduct financial transactions online. These accounts may involve automatic fund transfers, which are password-protected. If you were to die suddenly, would your successor know how to access such accounts? This is crucial for your family and other beneficiaries as it protection of your tangible assets.

Digital assets may include issues regarding Facebook pages or LinkedIn pages, publishing rights, eBooks and information stored on computer hard drives or cloud drives. An asset that does not have value cannot go into a trust, but you can make sure that these assets are preserved and protected through proper inclusion and instructions in your estate planning documents.

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