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Seminar Announcement: What To Do When A Spouse Passes Away with Special Guest Speaker Paula Stone June 26th and 28th 2012


What To Do When A Spouse Passes Away

Author of "What Widows Want" Gives Guidelines for Before
and After the Death of a Spouse

Most of us have either lost a spouse or will one day - learn how to plan ahead and how to cope with the loss afterwards. Also, learn how to properly help those around you who have become a widow or widower.

At this seminar, we will discuss the following topics and more:

  • The facts and myths of estate planning
  • How to prepare for the death of a spouse
  • What to expect as a widow/widower
  • How to comfort someone who has lost a spouse
  • The six reasons people do or say nothing when encountering a widow/widower
  • Financial concerns that occur after a death
  • What resources are available to widows/widowers

Special Guest Speaker: Paula Stone

After unexpectedly losing her husband in 2005, Paula has faced many of the trials and struggles common to widows and widowers. Through meeting others who had also lost a spouse, she realized that many people don't understand what to expect after the loss of their loved one, nor how to assist or comfort someone who has become a widow/widower. After sending out several hundred questionnaires and compiling the stories of other widows and widowers, Paula decided to write, "What Widows Want." This book has been a support for those

who have lost their spouse and has given vital guidance to their family and friends. She now gives presentations across the country to widows, widowers and their various loved ones.

Tuesday, June 26, 10:00 AM (Seminar Full - No more reservations for the 26th)

Thursday, June 28th at 10:00am (Overflow Date Added)
MH Phoenix Office (Map)
3300 North Central Avenue, Suite 900
Phoenix, Arizona 85012

Space is limited, register now!

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