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Samsung Chairman Sued by Siblings Over Father's Inheritance

Leaving an inheritance is a universal topic, one that has effects on family members in all areas of the world. In South Korea, siblings Lee Sook-hee and Lee Maeng-hee have both filed suit against their brother, Samsung Electronics chairman, Lee Kun-hee. Both siblings claim that their brother incorporated their share of the Samsung Life Insurance and stocks into his own stockholdings upon their father's death. Both siblings are demanding restitution of the shares and stocks to make up for the loss.

The brother, Lee Maeng-hee is claiming the rights to $636 million dollars worth of Samsung Life Insurance shares, and $89,000 worth of stocks. The sister, Lee Sook-hee is demanding 2.23 million shares in Samsung Life Insurance and 10 preferred stocks in Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics has refused to comment on the situation, stating that it is a civil matter and in no way affects nor is related to the company and its business endeavors.

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