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Ron Wilson; Locked Up to Help the AZ Humane Society

AZ humane

You didn’t misread! This Saturday, July 19th, Ron Wilson will be locked in to a dog kennel at the Arizona Humane Society, in an effort to save the lives of thousands of homeless animals!

With a little help from his wife, Bonnie, and his two faithful dogs, Yankee and Sally they have put together some goodies to all the amazing folks who are helping Ron reach his goal for the Arizona Humane Society.

Bonnie has donated a delicious homemade, with love, Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. Anyone who donates TODAY, Friday, July 18th between 10AM and 3PM will be placed in a drawing to win the cake! If you are unable to pick up your cake, have no fear! As long as you live in Maricopa County, Yankee and Sally (with a little help from Ron) will deliver the cake to you!!

There will also be a second cake, which will be given to the highest overall donor as a very special thank you!

Now, if you donated earlier this week or plan to donate on Saturday, don’t despair! Sally and, naturally, Yankee love baseball! So they have decided that each of you will be entered into a drawing for 2 tickets to an Arizona Diamondbacks game in September!

Of course, you can always give a second time to have the opportunity to win the cake!

To learn more and contribute to the cause please visit


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