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Remembering on November 11th

Ever since the Declaration of Independence was set forth in 1776, there have been brave and dedicated men and women who have come forward and raised the banner of freedom.  From those early days, there has been a need for individuals to stand up and provide protection of this nation from those who would take that freedom away.  The statement that freedom is not free continues to ring forth to this day.  It is not trite or trivial; it is true, correct and bold.

There are many who over the years have given much to insure that we remain free.  Some have given all; many have lost limbs; and others have suffered emotional and physical wounds and scars.  Everyone who enjoys the freedom provided to us to this very day should give thanks for those who went before us and those who are among us today who have made this possible.

To protect those truths spoken of by our forefathers as self-evident, there will always be the need for brave and gallant men and women to come forward at the risk to body, limb and mind.  The 11th of November has been set for us to give thanks to those who are willing to do that.  May we always remember and be grateful to them by showing the respect they have earned in serving this nation, truly the greatest of all nations on this earth.

The words of the Declaration of Independence ..."that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,"  shall always be with us when there are gallant individuals who step forward.

Dan_Morris_176x216Contributed by MH Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney and Senior Partner Dan R Morris.

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