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Protecting the Deceased from Identity Theft

Identity theft is an ever-growing concern in America today. The risk of identity theft does not end at death. A scammer can hijack an identity and create all sorts of problems after a loved one passes away.  In fact, stealing the identity of the recently deceased is a real problem. You can minimize the risk of a decedent falling prey to an identity thief by alerting those on this list from the National Funeral Directors Association:

  • Social Security Administration
  • All three credit reporting agencies- Experian, Equifax, and Transunion
  • State Department of Motor Vehicles (if the decedent had a driver’s license)
  • Credit card and merchant card companies
  • Banks, savings and loan associations and credit unions
  • Health, medical and dental insurers
  • Auto insurers
  • Any memberships held by the decedent (ex: health clubs, professional associations, clubs, library, etc.)

Contacting those on this list will reduce the chance of an identity thief stealing the identity of a loved one who has passed away.

Scottsdale and Glendale Estate Planning Lawyer David Eastman - VA Accredited AttorneyContributed by MH Arrowhead, Scottsdale and Phoenix Estate Planning Attorney and Partner, David T. Eastman.

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