Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney allow you to name an attorney in fact or agent to act on your behalf. Powers of attorney can be utilized to grant someone authority to act for you under different circumstances.

General durable powers of attorney are a common estate planning tool used to identify a person who can take over decision-making and asset management in the event of incapacity. It is also possible to create a healthcare power of attorney to designate who should make healthcare choices for you in the event of a medical emergency that prevents you from consenting to treatment.

Without a power of attorney as part of a comprehensive incapacity plan, guardianship proceedings in court could become necessary to determine who will act on your behalf if something happens to you. Leaving the decision of who will act on your behalf in the hands of the court could result in someone being appointed who you would not have chosen to fulfill this role. To avoid this, it is best to speak with an attorney to create a legally valid power of attorney.

At the law firm of Morris Hall, PLLC, our attorneys provide assistance to clients in Arizona and New Mexico with determining if a power of attorney is necessary. We will work with you to create a comprehensive incapacity plan, including appropriate powers of attorney to protect yourself and your loved ones in case of your incapacity.

MH attorneys are fully qualified to advise you on all aspects of incapacity planning. While many firms primarily help clients to create simple powers of attorney, our firm can help you to use this legal tool as well as to take other advanced steps in the creation of an incapacity plan.

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