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Postnuptial Agreements Growing In Popularity – Would One Work For You?

We have all heard of prenuptial agreements, where a couple can create a legal document prior to marriage which can dictate certain decisions the couples have made, most commonly involving a division of assets. However, many couples have decided that, even after they have married, they would like some form of legally binding document placed upon their marriage.

Postnuptial agreements can vary greatly and, in fact, can be used to settle any type of conflict by coming to a documented agreement through each other’s lawyers.  These conflicts can range from simple day-to-day operations such as household chores, paying the bills or who gets to choose the vacation spot each year.  For example, the agreement could state that the wife will be in charge of washing the dishes if the husband will be in charge of maintaining the pool.  Or, perhaps the wife gets to select the vacation spot for every odd year and the husband gets to select it for every even year.  The possibilities are endless and the agreement can serve as a helpful tool for couples that have a difficult time coming to a solution without the intervention and assurance that the lawyers and the document provide.

While many people jump to the conclusion that a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement mean a marriage is in jeopardy, such is most often not the case.  In fact, such agreements can often strengthen a marriage and help avoid potential conflicts or difficulties.  Lately, with the economic strain, many more couples have decided to use postnuptial agreements to restructure their financial responsibilities in the marriage.  These agreements can cater to each person’s strengths, allowing each individual to give their best contribution to the relationship.

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