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Pet Trusts: An Often Overlooked Part of Your Estate Plan

Cat and dog sleeping together. Morris pet trust estate planning.

Why a Pet Trust?

Pet trusts are becoming more and more utilized in today’s world.  As the birth rate goes down, the ownership of little dogs, weighing less than 20 pounds, has substantially increased.  We are seeing this trend across the country, beginning around 1999.  If you are the owner of a pet of any shape, size, or kind, you know that these furry creatures wiggle their way into your heart and become like family- so much so, that many employers offer bereavement leave when pets pass away.  Many stores now offer an entire collection of urns for pets and pet owners drop thousands of dollars at the vet every year for medical procedures for these beloved creatures.  For these reasons and more, Morris Hall estate planning services many clients in the Arizona and New Mexico area.

We all have those friends that have pets that eat and live an overall better lifestyle than do most human beings.  For example, some individuals are never able to have children of their own and many make it a life’s passion to give their fur babies the best possible life.  Some of these animals have spa days each month, have trainers and sitters that come to work with them each week and eat like royalty.  Though an extreme example, many of us have very close attachments to our pets, and when they pass, it’s like losing a loved one.  

Pet trusts are important.  Pet owners want to be sure that their cats, dogs, and birds are cared for in the event that they pass away and that their beloved pets do not end up at a shelter or on the streets.  This is not something that just the rich and famous are doing.  Plenty of every day people have added pet trust to their estate planning.

Seek a Pet Trust Expert

Morris Hall estate planning experts are a fantastic and reliable resource when it comes to setting up a trust.  Morris Hall helps you determine how much money to set aside for your pet’s future care, in the event that you pass away, for things like food, grooming, boarding, medical care, etc.  Morris hall can also help you identify the right person to act as Trustee of the Pet Trust.  If you are to move out of state, they are also experienced with transferring trusts.  

Morris Hall is a premier estate planning firm and services a wide range of clients.  As members of the AAEPA (American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys) access is had too many advantages and benefits other attorneys cannot provide.  Qualified and experienced, Morris Hall is able to handle the most complex of financial matters and would love to visit with you, to see how your plans can be put into action.  Whether it be living trusts, income-only trusts, and many others, the goal is to help you find the best possible solution that is catered to your individual situation, while employing a strategic plan to defend and protect your assets.  Schedule a consultation with Morris Hall today.

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