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One Simple Way to Make it Easier for Your Loved Ones After You Die

One of the easiest ways to make life easier for your loved ones after you pass away is to start cleaning house today. What I mean by cleaning house is to go through your filing cabinets, safe deposit boxes or other locations of where you store paperwork regarding bank accounts, insurance, deeds to real estate, retirement accounts, annuities, brokerage accounts and any other important financial paperwork.

The reason it is important to start today to get “your house in order” is that your loved ones will have the daunting task of sifting through your paperwork in order to wrap up your estate, regardless of how large or small it may be. Make their task of wrapping up your estate as easy as possible by getting organized today.  Clean out your drawers, throw away old paperwork, inventory your assets and organize them so that your loved ones will have a less stressful time finalizing your affairs.

At this point we have only addressed financial paperwork, but personal property can create a nightmare for those left behind as well. Just as getting all of your financial affairs in order is important, it is equally as important to create a written detailed list of your personal items and who gets what of those items. What I have experienced is that personal items, often referred to as “heirlooms”, often creates more havoc for a family after their loved one dies than ever imagined.

Cleaning house will not happen overnight, but if you take the first step today by writing down where the location of your important papers are and then organizing those papers, you will definitely make life easier for those you love.

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