On-Demand Webinars

Live webinars recorded for you to watch at your leisure.

Presented by MH attorneys and guest speakers

He will discuss:
• The advantages and disadvantages of Wills and Living Trusts.
• Why everyone needs an Estate Plan if they own a home and have assets.
• How to protect your family and wealth from predators and creditors after you are gone.
• How to avoid family squabbles over money and possessions after you are gone.
• Common missteps by families raising children with challenges, disabilities or special needs.
• How to help protect your home, your spouse and your savings from the devastating expense of a nursing home.

Living Trusts and Wills Webinar: Protecting Your Family and Leaving a Legacy

Michael Halliday will help answer the top five major concerns in estate planning.

Understanding Your Social Security Benefits and the Effects on Your Retirement Assets and Estate Plan

Jon Linford with Guest Speaker, Matt McMahon, Certified Financial Planner TM with Strategic Financial Planning.

They cover:
• How to make the most of your Social Security retirement benefits.
• How benefits are taxed.
• How distributions from your retirement accounts can impact your benefits.
• Important factors to consider when choosing your claiming strategy.
• How to make sure your Social Security and other assets are protected at Incapacity or Death.

• Required Minimum Distribution Age Raised from 70 ½ to 72 years old
• Maximum IRA Contributions Age Repealed
• The Stretch IRA is eliminated (your children must now withdraw the IRA within 10 years)

Also, Jon will discuss the importance of setting up and maintaining a proper estate plan during these times. He will discuss the unique approaches to completing your estate planning documents and updates with the current restrictions in place.

The SECURE Act – What You Should Know

Jon Linford and Bruce Hosler, EA, CFP®, AIF®, CEPA®, CDFA®, Founder and Principal of Hosler Wealth Management LLC, will cover key points about the SECURE Act.

What Happens When You Die?
Failing to Plan

Join James Plitz as he talks about the process of understanding what happens when you or a loved one dies and when that person fails to put a plan in place.

The old saying is that there is nothing sure in life except death and taxes. Each year we deal with our taxes, but thankfully we don’t deal with death all that often. One of the main jobs for our attorneys is to help the communities that we serve prepare and deal with one of life’s biggest challenges – death!
• When you have no Will or Trust, you still have a plan: the Government's plan.
• What are the laws of intestacy?
• Are there other options?

Part 3 - Failing to Plan = Probate
• Vital ancillary documents that every estate plan should have.
• Dying without an estate plan (“intestate”) and state statutes that provide you with a default ‘Estate Plan’.
• The Abyss aka: Probate Administration.
• Avoiding a Guardianship/Conservatorship proceeding at all costs.

Trustee School, Part 3 of 3 - Failing to Plan = Probate

Join Morris Hall attorneys, Michael Halliday and Lisa Wynn, in their last of three webinar classes as they delve into the pits of probate.

Trustee School, Part 2 of 3 - Trust Administration: The Ins and Outs

Join Michael Halliday and Lisa Wynn, in their second of three webinar classes.

Part 2 - Trust Administration: The Ins and Outs
• Steps a trustee should take when the trustor(s) dies or is incapacitated.
• Proper estate administration can reduce/eliminate unnecessary taxes and costs.
• Asset protection for a surviving spouse and beneficiaries.

We understand it can be extremely challenging to navigate the multiple legal, tax and financial matters while coping with the loss of a loved one. It's important that your entire team of attorneys, accountants, financial, and banking advisors work together to maximize the family legacy during a difficult time. Our firm is here to shepherd families through the tax and legal challenges so they can focus more energies on healing and moving forward.

Taxing Thoughts When Someone Passes Away

Do you know what tax issues exist when someone passes away? William Morgan will explain complex tax issues and responsibilities families and their advisors face when someone passes away.

Trustee School, Part 1 of 3 - Estate Planning 101

Join Morris Hall attorneys, Michael Halliday and Lisa Wynn, in their first of three webinar classes that focuses on the vital role of a trustee in a properly formed estate plan.

The first of these classes will compare the difference between wills and trusts, and explain the basic responsibilities of the successor trustee during incapacity and at death

Part 1 “Estate Planning 101”
• Common misunderstandings about a Will.
• What makes a trust an ideal estate planning tool?
• How does the role/responsibility of a trustee/agent differ from a personal representative/executor?

Your legacy is not only compromised of the financial assets you have accumulated over the years, but also includes family memories, heirlooms, and traditions. Protecting a Legacy can mean different things to each of us, such as:

• What is the best way to pass along my retirement assets?
• How can I help my special needs grandchild?
• When should I create an estate plan?
• Who gets the photographs and family recipes?

How to Protect Your Legacy

Presented by Attorney West Hunsaker.

Making Sure Your Healthcare Documents are Up-to-Date

Join attorney, Lisa Wynn, with Guest speaker Jamie Lucero on healthcare documents.

Jaime is an innovative Advanced Practice Nurse, with knowledge in Neonatal Intensive Care, Palliative, and Hospice care. She currently practices post acute care and long term care.
Jaime and Lisa will cover:
• Making sure your healthcare documents are up to date.
• Do your agents know their responsibilities?
• What happens when you have old out dates documents that don't reflect your wishes or don't have health care documents.

• Learn more about the difference between Fee-only, Fee-based and Fiduciary. • How to build a resilient income stream. • Attain financial peace of mind.

Jon will also discuss the importance of setting up and maintaining a proper estate plan during COVID-19. With each of us facing so many unknowns, it is critical for each of us to have basic documents in place in case of an emergency and why choosing the correct health care agent is important.

Strengthen Your Money Relationship

Join Jon Linford with Guest Speakers: Lois Carrier and David Maurice with WorthWhile Wealth Council.

Free Pet Trust Seminar

Learn how to care for you and your pets when you no longer can. AAWL and Jon Linford will help settle your worries and create a plan for the future.

Through the years, your beloved pets have provided you with companionship, love and comfort. Have you made plans for them if something happens to you? Does your family know what your wishes are concerning your pets? 

This presentation will cover: • Basics of estate planning for you and your pets • How to decide who will care for them • How to set up a pet trust • 

Have questions about AAWL's "Angels For Animals" Program? Contact Teresa Valencia, Donor Relations Manager at tvalencia@aawl.org or  602.273.6852 x106

• How joint tenancy exposes one joint tenant to the financial risks, liabilities, and other potential problems suffered by other joint tenants.
• How the first joint tenant to die loses all control as to whom or how his or her assets will ultimately be distributed.
• How joint tenancy can actually expose your estate to costly capital gains taxes.

The Problem with Joint Tenancy

Jim Plitz and Lisa Wynn will cover problems with joint tenancy.

What You Need to Know About the CARES and SECURE Act

Join William Morgan to learn more about the recently passed CARES Act and the SECURE Act, including their effect on your retirement assets.

• What are the SECURE and CARES Acts?
• Has the CARES Act affected your required minimum distributions?
• How does the SECURE Act impact my ability to "stretch" my IRA?
• Why a ROTH conversion might make sense for me?