Scam Artists Targeting Estate Planning Clients, 09/01/2009

We have encountered several notices of clients receiving calls or home solicitations by persons claiming to be representatives of Morris Hall. These persons are making fraudulent claims in an attempt to receive personal information that they can use to their advantage. Please be aware that Morris Hall does not employ 3rd party partners or companies for any purposes related to our clients.

We maintain strict privacy over all client records and information and do not give out any lists or information regarding our clients. Please use extreme caution when disclosing your personal information through phone, mail, email or even in person. Typically our firm has much of your information already, and although it is common for us to call you to verify details that we have already been given, we urge you to be very certain of who you are speaking with before providing information of a personal nature.

If you receive a call, email or a home solicitation and are uncertain if the person addressing you is truly an Morris Hall employee, please take their name and number and inform them that you will call them back to be certain of their identity. If you wish to confirm that an employee is with Morris Hall or if you have encountered something suspicious, you may always call us at our main numbers – 602.249.1328 or 888.222.1328. These have been Morris Hall phone numbers for nearly 40 years.

Again, Morris Hall does not have any 3rd party companies, and if someone contacts you claiming to be a representative of Morris Hall, please contact us immediately. Be certain to protect your information, and rest assured that at Morris Hall your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.