Protect Your Children Now and in the Future, 08/01/2007

Do You Have a Child or Grandchild Leaving for College?

Ensure that your child is protected and that you are informed

Morris Hall realizes how important it is to protect the ones you love, even when the time has come for them to move out on their own. Although your child may have recently become a legal adult, she still needs your guidance and your protection. For this purpose, Morris Hall has developed a Student Protection Program that makes certain your child has all the critical documents she may need, along with a Docubank card that will allow medical professionals to access those documents in case of an emergency.

As a parent, you want to know immediately if your child is injured and in need of medical care. However, due to strict privacy laws, you may not be notified or informed of your child’s condition or even the name of the facility where your child is being seen. What if your child becomes incapacitated for a time and you need to manage her affairs and make important decisions on her behalf? Without the proper documents, you will run into walls at every turn.

With Morris Hall’s new Student Protection Program, you will have the documents your child needs to ensure she is protected and that you have the right to be informed and to act on her behalf when necessary.

The Student Protection Program includes the following crucial documents and items:

– HIPAA Medical Release Form

– Living Will

– Healthcare Power of Attorney

– Property Power of Attorney

– 4-year membership to Docubank (a $143.00 value)

– Docubank “In Case of Emergency” card

The HIPAA Medical Release Form entitles you to be notified and informed if your child is sick or injured, her current condition and the facility at which she is being seen. Without a properly executed HIPAA form, you may be prevented from receiving this pertinent information regarding your child’s health.

The Living Will ensures that your child’s wishes will be met should she be diagnosed with a terminal condition, an irreversible coma or be in a vegetative state. The Living Will gives you the authority to enforce her wishes without having to involve the court.

The Power of Attorney documents allow you to make medical, financial and other pertinent decisions on your child’s behalf should she become incapacitated for any period of time. These documents ensure that you have the ability to make certain your child’s affairs are in order through the duration she is incapacitated.

With a Docubank “In Case of Emergency” card, your child will have all of her health information, emergency contact information and crucial documents accessible from one wallet-sized card. Docubank stores a copy of your child’s documents so they are readily available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, when Docubank receives a request for your child’s medical documents due to an accident or injury, you are instantly notified and given the information to contact the medical facility where your child is receiving care.

Protect those you love even while they’re away, and ensure you are kept informed and able to help in a time of need.

These documents can be created even if your child has already left home. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.