Property Owners Beware, 09/01/2009

Perhaps you have seen warnings on the news about the latest scam to hit Arizona – targeting property owners with the promise of lowering their property tax bill.

If you receive a letter in the mail claiming that your property qualified for a “property tax reduction review” with the intent of reducing your property tax bill, please disregard this letter. This is a scam which the Attorney General of Arizona is presently taking action against.

A lawsuit filed by the Attorney General on August 13th asks the company to stop soliciting Arizona residents, to refund consumers who have already mailed in payment to this company and pay a fine for each violation.

There are a couple things to know in regards to your property tax. First, the deadline has passed to dispute your bill. This means that if you intended to attempt to lower it on your own through the appeals process, the time frame to do so has already ended. Secondly, if you wish to process an appeal for future property assessments, you may do this yourself at no charge.

If you have concerns or questions regarding this, please visit the Attorney General’s office website at