docubank-imageDocuBank® is an electronic storage and access service for your advance directives (living will, health care power of attorney, and/or other health care documents). DocuBank® helps to ensure that your medical wishes are known and respected when it counts. When you store your health care documents with DocuBank®, you receive a customized DocuBank® Emergency Card. Your member number and access code can be located on this card. You must enter your member number and access code to visit the Member Services area of the site. If you are hospitalized, the hospital staff will then obtain your documents by fax just by calling 1-800-DOCUBANK, and following the instructions on the back of your card. DocuBank® faxes your documents to the hospital right away. Through our automated computer system, your documents are available to hospitals any time, day or night, every day, around the world.

Your DocuBank® Emergency Card features your first emergency contact’s name and phone number. Additionally, when the hospital receives your faxed health care documents, the staff will also receive the names and phone numbers of other emergency contacts as well as your primary physician.

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