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Do I need a Will if I have a Revocable Living Trust?

By creating a living will, you may think that it is all that you need.  Yet, you will still need to have a Will. Ideally all of your assets should be in the control of your Trust. However, at the time of death, some of your assets may not be property titled to the Trust. In order for these assets “left out of the Trust” to be distributed according to the Trust terms, a Pour over Will is necessary.

A Pour over Will generally looks like a Last Will and Testament, which lists your marital status and the names of your children, etc. However, the Pour over Will contains a special feature which will pour over assets inadvertently left out of the Trust back into the Trust.  This special feature acts as a safety net for anything that isn’t covered by the Living Trust. Even if all of your assets are properly titled to the Trust, a Pour over Will is necessary to address Guardianship over minor children.

This “pouring over” involves court involvement to approve the transfer of assets from the decedent’s estate into the Trust. If you have to use the Pour-Over Will, the Personal Representative goes to court and initiates a probate that can usually be accomplished with relative quickness and minimal expense. In the absence of a Pour over Will, the asset(s) would be distributed according to the state intestate succession laws, rather than according to the trust terms. The process to distribute according to the intestacy laws is usually a lengthy and costly process.

It is important to have an experienced estate planning attorney review your estate plan to ensure you have the proper documents which go hand in hand with your Living Trust. If you would like to have peace of mind that your plan is solid, please call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our experience estate planning attorneys for a full review of your plan.

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