Monthly - Q&A with an MH Attorney

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Morris Hall, PLLC invites you to stop by.  We believe in being available to our clients and their families and friends, giving everyone the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about their trust, beneficiaries, or estate plan.

• Do beneficiaries have to live in the same state that my trust is in?
• Should I co-own a rental house as community property or put in an LLC?
• What are the guidelines for considering whether my checking or savings account should be funded to my trust?
• Who has access to my HCPOA information?
• What is the cost of trust administration?
• How could the proposed IRS Regulations for rule 2704 affect you?
• What is the presidential candidate’s Estate Tax proposal?
• Should a spouse or the trust be first on my IRA Beneficiary designation?
• Why would Joint Tenancy or transfer on death not be advisable?
• Am I too young to plan?

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