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MH 2011 Photography Competition!

By August 23, 2011Estate Planning

Are you a photographer or an aspiring photographer? Whether photography is a profession or a hobby, this is your chance to get your pictures published!

Submit your best shots to MH and your image may be featured in the MH 2012 Calendar. Your name will be listed with your photograph for recognition of your talent (you may choose not to have your name listed if preferred).

Competition Rules:
1. May submit up to 10 images per photographer

2. No images with people or faces can be accepted if they are close enough to be recognizable

3. You must have the rights and be the photographer of all images submitted
Photos must be submitted by September 30, 2011. To submit photos or for any further details, email Chelsey Adams.

Prove your skills and submit your photos today!


  • Leo Klebanow says:

    In the above copy, you have September 30, 2011 as a submission deadline. This is incorrect? Also, what is Chelsea William’s email address?

    What are the photo requirements for submission via email?

    • Morris, Hall & Kinghorn says:

      Leo, You are looking at a post created back in 2011, so yes the dates would have been correct for that year’s competition. This year, the deadline is August 15. I will email you additional information

      • Morris, Hall & Kinghorn says:

        Leo, your email came back as failing to deliver. I would be happy to give you more information. Please use our contact us form to submit your updated contact information so I can assist you. Or call our office and ask for Chelsey Adams at 888.804.5340. Thank you.

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