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MH Closes Their Doors and Opens Their Hearts

By December 13, 2012Estate Planning

If you tried to call our offices on Tuesday, November 27th, you likely noticed our offices were closed and no one was answering your call.  Well, while we don’t like to not be available for your calls, MH had a very important and specific reason for closing all our offices that day – we were providing much needed service to those in need.

In Phoenix our staff spent the day serving at St. Mary’s Food Bank and learned the many ways that this wonderful organization serves those in need every single day.  In fact, they have a very small number of hired staff and rely mostly on volunteers to make all they do possible. St. Mary’s Food Bank gets items donated from stores, companies, churches and individuals and all these items need to be sorted through and put into various categories to later be distributed – which is exactly what our Phoenix staff did!  Items that could cause food poisoning (sharply damaged cans, opened packages, perishables) are thrown out to ensure the health of those receiving the goods.  The staff spent half a day on a conveyer line going through box after box of donated items.  By the end of our shift, the Phoenix office sorted enough food to feed 10,809 people!

Our Tucson office volunteered at World Care working in the clothing donation center.  They organized and sorted through clothing, shoe and bedding donations to be given to victims of Hurricane Sandy.  In New Mexico they served at the Roadrunner Food Bank filling orders for various organizations.  They filled pallets with various food items that the organizations then distribute to those in need.

All of our staff learned what a great service these various organizations provide to thousands and thousands of families and individuals across our nation.  While it is easy to take for granted the roof over our head, the food on our table and the countless other blessings we have, it is important to be reminded of the great need surrounding us.  We were all very touched by what we learned and felt during this experience and look forward to continuing to volunteer, both individually and as a company, with these great organizations.

We thank St. Mary’s Food Bank, World Care and Roadrunner Food Bank and all their thousands of volunteers for the great benefit they contribute to our society.  We feel strongly that this is the perfect way to bring in this holiday season and encourage you to volunteer if you are able.

Let us make this season less about the getting of gifts and more about the giving of hope!


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