Here are some guidelines to follow when submitting your photographs for consideration:

  1.  Each photographer may submit up to 5 photographs for consideration.
  2.  You must have the rights to any photographs you are submitting.
  3.  No images with people or faces that are close enough to be recognized will be accepted.
  4.  Horizontal images are preferred.
  5.  Images are not required to be from a specific location - we have had images from around the world featured in our calendar. We value different views and styles. We have featured scenic, detail, architecture and flora and fauna in our calendar over the years.
  6.  Digital format is required.
  7.  Morris Hall will be selecting the top 26 images (one per photographer)
  8.  The final selection of the winning 13 photographs will be chosen by an independent judge.
  9.  Winners will be notified and the selection process will be completed by mid September.

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Morris Hall Photography calendar. In order to receive a calendar, all of the information below must be completed.

Fields marked with an * are required

Photography Competition for the 2021 Morris Hall Calendar

I have voluntarily provided my photograph(s) to Morris Hall, PLLC (“MH”), for evaluation and possible use and publication in MH’s 2020 calendar.
By signing this Release and Disclaimer, I/we further understand that MH will have and may exercise the following rights with regard to the photograph(s):
  • To alter any image if necessary for sizing and/or print purposes.
  • To publish and print in the MH 2020 calendar (I understand that the calendar is to be provided without charge to clients and prospective clients of MH).
  • To use the photo(s) for MH Marketing materials (online or print) in relation to the yearly calendar competition.
I further acknowledge and represent that the submitted photograph(s) was/were actually taken by me, and that I own all the rights to the photograph(s). Finally, I understand that no royalties or compensation will be paid to me by MH for the use of any photograph(s) submitted.

You may upload 5 images per form. Image size cannot exceed 10 mg per photo.